Sunday, April 29, 2012

poem 5

The Last Word of Each Line

As I watched the waves rolling to the shore I  

Was hit with the notion that we all have

So much to say in this world. If a writer’s

Pen can capture the beauty of the building block

Of human essence and

Its imperfections, what can I

Do to further preserve things that don’t

Scratch the surface of what we know,

But tickles the ties of humanity. What

Can I do to reproduce their message to

Those that would rather read than write?


  1. "the beauty of the building block of human essence and its imperfections." Beautiful diction. essence and imperfections flow really well together. also "tickles the ties of humanity" is really good. I really liked this one, good work.

  2. I agree with Chelle about that one line. The if part is great. The then part confuses me a little bit.

    Very creative, and your poem actually worked well with the final words you chose, too. Writerly anxiety to wonder whether your poems will ever be able to say anything interesting or useful. Auden agreed.

    Let's talk. You're doing really interesting work, Ellen!


  3. I liked how the ending of the poem had a question. This poem was also very picturesque and stirred my mind. My favorite line was, "Pen can capture the beauty of the building block of essence."

  4. I really liked how the poem ended in a question. I also thought it was cool the way you made the end word of each line into a sentence like the way Terrance Hayes had done. Very cool!