Friday, April 13, 2012

critical 3

In The Figure A Poem Makes Frost describes the importance of different methods in poetry. He offers suggestions for poets too. For example Frost explains the importance of abstract in poetry. He also describes the “wildness” of poetry. Frost believes that poems should have their own sense of wildness. He describes that, although it is important for a poem to have that wildness, it needs to thoroughly explain its subject. Frost says, “Just as the first mystery was how a poem could have a tune in such a straightness as mere, so the second mystery is how a poem can have wildness as at the same time a subject that shall be fulfilled “. In D.H. Lawrence’s Tortoise Shout Lawrence lets the story of the tortoises’ getting busy develop as he is making his point. He describes their “Far, far of, far scream” before pondering “Why were we crucified into sex?”. Frost also describes the importance of sound in a poem.  He believes it is just as important at the punctuation in the poem. Frost states, “The sound is the gold in the ore”.  Lawrence uses sound in his Tortoise Shout. He uses lots of words to describe the sounds of the tortoise such as “A scream, A yell, A shout…”. He describes the sound of the tortoises as “Worse than the cry of the new-born”. Frost also expresses the importance of surprise in poetry. He believes that the reader experiences what they writer is experiencing. He says, “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader”. Frost believes that a reader learns through the eyes of the writer. Readers experience the subjects of the poem from how the writer portrays it.

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