Friday, April 6, 2012

Poem 2

Journey to Hogwarts

Like the pilgrims' voyaged to a land of new,
I find myself traveling as a passenger too.
But I ride the current of an eager reader's flow
Instead of the Mayflower with the Atlantic below.

Like those courageous journeymen, I venture to another time and place.
We're just searching for peace from a world that's hard to face.
We both take comfort in finding a world that's not our own.
I'm escaping boredom, and they the English throne.

The pilgrim's journey was physical and mine is in the mind.
They're unsure of what awaits them, but I know what I'll find.
Unlike those brave travelers who journeyed to lands before unknown,
I arise and go on a path I have taken before; it leads to the Sorcerer's Stone.

I follow a skinny boy with a lightning scar on his face.
Like the pilgrims and I, he travels to a new place.
His last name is Potter and his first is Harry,
And while that seems plain he is very extraordinary.

Harry is a wizard and learns magic at his school.
He learns to fly on broomsticks and compete in wizards' duel.
With Harry I see dragons, trolls, and a giant man too.
I'm with Harry as he saves the wizards from the evil You-Know-Who.

After a wizard's journey there is nothing to do but wait
For an owl-delivered letter inviting me to Hogwart's gate.

(Listen to this while reading = D )


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  2. Cute poem, Ellen. Almost as cute as the puppies you disdain! jk.

    So, I wonder if you can do a little bit more with the theme of imagination-as-journey. When you read, you are arising and going to a new place, and I like that you've identified that. But what are the possibilities of that journey? What are the pitfalls? Are they similar to Yeats's? Are fictional worlds as helpful in getting us through the day as remembered worlds?

  3. The journey was really intriguing, it totally sounded like it could be part of the movie or the books! Great poem!

  4. I love this, it's so cute! I like the comparison between the Mayflower voyage and Harry going to Hogwarts.

  5. This is a delightfully whimsical idea, Harry Potter is a sweet, childhood memory, and this journey sounds a lot like the books, a thing many children would love to experience.