Friday, March 30, 2012

Poem 1

The Original Reality TV
The time is 7:30 as I sit atop the balcony rail

Watching the sun sink beneath the trees.

I have just started cleaning my bushy tail

When I hear the jingle of the keys.

I turn and direct my attention through the sliding, glass door

As the two girls enter the room before me.

It’s time to start my favorite show, or

As I like to call, it my own personal reality TV.

These girls are the shining stars

And their living room is center stage.

I listen while they discuss what happened at the bars

And chat about a movie with Nicholas Cage.

They talk about playing Scrabble

And The Biggest Loser winner.

I listen to their babble

As I eat my acorn dinner.

I watch as they carry on cooking

And listen as they continue to chat.

Abbie thinks some boy is good-looking

And Ellen really wants a cat.

I giggle as the conversation takes a turn

To the nail polish stain on the floor.

They’re just discussing the carpet’s burn

When they look to the door.

I see the girls seeing me and

To her roommate Ellen calls,

“Abbie, come and

Look! It our squirrel-friend Paul!”

I turn to run and leave

But stop and give my tail a curl.

I simply can’t believe

They don’t notice I’m a girl.


  1. Wonderful! I'm really glad you tried a dramatic monologue. Now, you don't need to write in rhyme, but in this case it does seem to add to the magic.

    Great punchline at the end. Amusing premise, in fact. Not only is the squirrel anthropomorphiszed, but he's able to tease/criticize the conversation and the nature of reality TV.

    I likey!


  2. I love that this is in the viewpoint of a squirrel, it is very original. Poems written for the sake of fun and amusement instead of specifically for cathartic purposes are nice to more of the heavier poetry we have seen thus far in class. It's much lighter.

  3. This poem surely made me giggle! I like how this poem was written in the point of view of a squirrel, because they seem to be overlooked creatures. I liked the surprise ending too.

  4. I really liked this poem! I liked the fact that the point of view you used was from a squirrel. I think it's great especially since I have always thought the squirrels here in Athens have a mind of their own! Very creative

  5. Very creative and funny! I have always wondered what those good ol' Athens squirrels are thinking. In reality the squirrels are probably way more annoyed with all of OU's drunken antics.

  6. I think this is a really fun perspective, written as a squirrel. It calls into question the stupid idle chatter we have, as humans. How alien we must look. The little twist at the end is nice, the "I can't believe they don't know i'm a girl" bit was a light chuckle.

  7. This poem is great! I really love the girlie twist at the end. I think that the squirrel feels a certain affinity with the people she is watching just like we gain affection towards the reality TV stars we watch. I think that the squirrel is a little hurt by the fact that the people she watches so religiously do not recognize that she is too a girl. I would like to think that the squirrel wishes she was a human.

  8. I loved this poem! It was lighthearted and fun, and the switch/surprise ending at the end was funny. It was also very relatable to the entire class because we are all obviously familiar with all the squirrels around campus.