Friday, March 30, 2012

Critical #1

Thomas Hardy's Hap expresses that Hardy wishes to know the meaning behind his suffering. He believes that god (the lowercase "g" could indicate noncatholic views), were to explain to him that Hady's suffering was for his own amusement, he would feel better about it. Hardy believes that suffering is made worse by the fact that good things happen in between suffering. He also believes that happiness is punished because it is followed by sorrow. He feels like "god" does this to make the suffering worse. Hardy also belives that people accept their suffering because it is sometimes eased by the fact that their might be a higher being controling it. It is interesting that Hardy wishes for a god to have control over his suffering because he believes that humans are in charge of their own destiny. Hardy would rather have a mean god, or a pattern to his suffering than continue on the way life is.

In a way Hardy is saying that unhappiness is bliss. He is saying that it is better to be sad then to be happy because happiness will end. Additionally Hardy notes that "Time" gives both gladness and saddness. At the end of the poem Hardy basically is saying that things happen happen sometimes, but he is not comforted by it.

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  1. The beginnings of a very strong response. Remember to be specific about the language and to check your proofreading.

    Your point about "unhappiness" being a preferable state is a good one. I think that sort of idea is what Hardy is asking us to consider. The cliche, "It's better to have loved and lost. . ." comes to mind. He would disagree strongly, I think, as would many of us!